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In my philosophy of life, I attach great importance to the word “FIRST” or "ONE" , should it represents the beginning and the everything. 

In the past years, I started my“FIRST” company, with the“FIRST” shareholder, the“FIRST” business partner, and with the “FIRST” employee. To this day, we now have 5 branches, cultivated 8 bosses, and over 50 employees. 

It all starts with the “First”! I remember! I started the“FIRST” photocopier that I successfully traded. I told myself in my mind that the first product I sold was not a photocopier, but what I sold was INTEGRITY! 

After 20 years, we have successfully established deals with customers more than 1,000 photocopiers. From the “FIRST” business deal until the present, customers who have been corporate with us for more than 10 years can be found everywhere. Our first business deal with a stranger customer who being our good friend in the business market now.

I believe it is inseparable from the integrity that I sold for the first time. That's why I often share with all of my team that INTEGRITY is the number "ONE" or the“FIRST” in our company! Only with the “FIRST” that it takes to sell the best products.

Today I am humbly grateful that the market has given me the first opportunity to continue my "FIRST” integrity into the culture of today's company. 

I firmly believe that to be the “FIRST”, we have to give it to others at “FIRST”. And, INTEGRITY is my "ONE" and “FIRST” is the source of my business and my beginning.

 - Founder MR. LIEW GW



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